OPNBX : Marble House

Our Design Director talks about the Marble House's concept design. OPNBX new Youtube video check it out. The initial idea is to allow habitant’s behavior to carve a dwelling space into a monolithic piece of marble sculpture. The main piece appears so solid, yet so light it floats to defy the gravity, while external landscape... Continue Reading →

Openbox Outing : Blind Experience

We have a chance to participate in the most recent theatre experience. However, the show requires you to wear a blindfold during the entire act, using your other senses such as taste, time, touch, smell, and imagination to understand the play. Most importantly opening your heart to the play, as if we are part of... Continue Reading →

Boonthavorn Fest

We’ve been invited to participate in Boothavorn fest on the 22nd of September, under the topic of ‘How to build a house for GEN Y’ Thank you BUILK Thailand for hosting such an amazing event and for inviting us. Thank you Boonthavorn for organizing such a wonderful event and sharing knowledges both with us and... Continue Reading →

REDD Premium Self Storage

The ARCASIA Awards  The ARCASIA Awards for Architecture, which is restructured and re-branded to AAA in 2013, is aimed at acknowledging exemplary work done by architects working in Asia. In so doing, it encourages the sustenance of the Asia spirit, the development and improvement of the Asian built environment and enhancement of the awareness of... Continue Reading →

OPNBX Knowledge Sharing

This week ,Our OPNBX team was invited to give a lecture on the topic ‘ Jin Wellbeing County and Universal Design ’ . The lecture was organized by the Faculty of Architecture ,Chaing Mai University for their 4th-year Architecture students and Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasart University for their 4th-year Architecture students too. 4th... Continue Reading →

OPNBX : The Line 101

CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS !The High-rise 37 Floor condominium, 200m. to BTS Station with a Couple blocks concept.  Development by Sansiri PLC “Living Between The Line” Inspire from Ian Davenport’s painting, this vibrant set of the line has fused together to create an aesthetically pleasing painting with various movement. Though each individual color remains its own characteristic... Continue Reading →


INTERIOR / RESTAURENT THAI CATERING / PHUKET INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, THAILAND Refresh the looks and feelings of the traditional THAI restaurant, Get your own experience in Phuket Airport today. Interior Designer / Openbox InteriorPhotographer / Panoramic Studio READ MORE INTERIOR / PRIVATE RESIDENTIAL  GROVE RESIDENCE / BANGKOK, THAILAND  The compound of 3 Tropical Modern Houses in one property, the owner... Continue Reading →

OPNBX: Never a day without a model.

' Marble House : The amazing folded staircase ' Detail work can turn a functional element into a great design feature. บันไดหลักของบ้าน Marble House เราตั้งใจออกแบบให้เป็น feature หนึ่งของบ้าน โดยทดลองทำขั้นบันไดตามจริงขึ้นมา จนได้รูปแบบที่เราต้องการ นอกจากความสวยงามด้านดีไซน์แล้ว ที่สำคัญต้องใช้งานได้จริงด้วย The main staircase of the Marble House house, we intend to design as one feature of the house by experimenting with the 1:1 physical... Continue Reading →

Grove Residence : Work in progress.

Compound of 3 Tropical Modern Houses in one property, the owner is an extended family , parents , son and daughter who have different requirements for their home. We are in progress and exciting to see them grow ! www.openboxarchitects.com openbox@openboxarchitects.com +662 026 3236

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