OPNBX featured on Life and Home Magazine

Issue 287: November 2018 
Column : In-Tect Spotlight 


What is your definition of an architect?

” An architect is a person who portraits the way of life revealing self-identity through drawing and room or home decorations. I drafted a floor plan before I learned about this profession. I just recently discovered in the past 5 years that architecture is not just a profession because whatever we build will unavoidably and greatly impact the environment.”
” Throughout my 15 years career, I noticed that my work has changed the skyline view. It changes the view of the city. Therefore, an architect is not a person who just comes to the office for work and get the job done. It is a person who sees the way of life, who can reveal his or her identity at any moment. Architecture involves every single architectural construction we see in life even when we travel. We must select what we see and memorize the detail to develop the work in our way and in a better version.

Nui Ratiwat Suwannatrai

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