Meet Openbox Phuket

Phuket is one of the City we adore, It is not only because Phuket is one of the most beautiful islands in the World, not only because of the soft, delicate sand, white beaches, blue lagoons, and the most colorful sunset on Andaman horizon, that we visit several times in a year.

It is because Phuket houses many of our project sites. For over a decade that we have grown our love for Phuket, food, architecture, culture and the way of life. We have work through many projects from Residential Complex in the heart of old town, Private Villas on the most beautiful site, Hotels and Resorts in many exclusive settings. In every project, we have learned more about this southern magnificent town. OPENBOX team unanimously agrees with the need to take really good care of our on-going projects, and to lookout for owners of beautiful properties to provide our best Architectural support.


CV Residence , Phuket
Laguna Park II , Phuket
The Base Downtown , Phuket
The Base Uptown , Phuket

The Base Height , Phuket

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