OPNBX High-Rise Condominium

Vertical living

In the past, people choose to live in a single house since they felt that having a garden and land mean better quality of life. However vertical living is becoming more popular in recent years as it better suits the lifestyle now a day. The new city lifestyles begin with good locations, connections to important nodes of the inner city area, ready for moving in decorations and the ability to keep up with the fast pace lifestyle. These factors are turning high-rise lifestyle into a need rather to an option of living places.

Starting with the locations, most developers are in competitions to get land along a mass transit line or near a Shopping centers, restaurants or parks. The design are also effects the decision to buy a unit. A unit is compact but functional. Developments normally offer large green space, and variety of common area with unique functions such as co-working space, libraries, and even coffeehouse. Everything that give the impression of better quality of lives, even better than a single house.

The Juristic offices are becoming an essential part of condominium living as they help to take care of maintenance and other say to day need of residences.

OPNBX was blessed with many grand opportunities to make high rise more aesthetically pleasing. Each individual high-rise is unique in its own way, and have different characters. They can however, co-exist to enhance the development of the skyline.

Saladaeng One, Bangkok Thailand

Rhythm Ekkamai, Bangkok Thailand

The Base Height, Phuket Thailand

Jin Wellbeing, Pathumthani Thailand

The Line 101, Bangkok Thailand

Life Ladprao Valley, Bangkok Thailand


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