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Tropical High-Rise


Comfort plays an important role in many aspects of design, especially when it comes to designing a residential building. The geographic location of Thailand is a little over the equator which means that the sun, wind and rain are not possible to avoid. Throughout the year the direction of sunlight is various according to the time of day and season.

Other than choosing suitable materials, design factors also increase the user level of comfort. Start with facing the narrow part of the building toward the east-west or in a direction which receives evening sunlight (east or west). In order to harvest the benefits of natural ventilation, the building should be placed perpendicular to the wind direction. Spaces such as elevator hall and corridor should have openings that allow air to ventilate in most direction. Spaces which are often in use are places away from the source of heat, this also helps the air conditioning units to work more effectively. However natural light is still an important element for each space, that one may carefully adjust the angle of the element in each space to avoid the aggressive heat from the sun. A highly efficient façade has a huge effect on the interior temperature, apart from light blockage material such as laminated glass, other design solutions are used. For example, fins which reduce the amount of direct sunlight entering, also give each room a more private balcony and prevent rain from splashing. On the aesthetic aspect, the fins have now become a part of the side façade.

Aside from the building design, the surrounding and landscape architecture are equally important in reducing heat emission. Increasing more green space mimicking the sense of a single house, this involves choosing the best location to plant different types of trees.



Bangkok, Thailand

The key words Elegance and Timelessness inspire the architect to use the impression of white Marble, the classic stone that has been well known around the World as a timeless symbol of luxury in architecture and design. To apply such a concept for the architecture of this modern time, Simplicity becomes inevitable. The overall massing concept starts from local building guideline. The result is a simple, stepping, block of marble, with multiple terrains, overlooking skyline sceneries at different levels. After that, marble carving, sculpting process begins.

Horizontal shading fins

The first tropical feature is unique horizontal shading fins. They help to reduce glare and shield large windows from rain. The gradient of fins thickness creates a dynamic touch to the overall composition and refreshing touch to the skyline.

Angled Bay Windows

The angled bay window is another feature that responds directly to the complexity of urban surroundings, residential preference, and tropical orientation. All windows tilt and turn individually towards the best view, away from obstructing neighbors and excessive Sunlight. The result is a complex texture on the façade, reflecting sky colors from different angles inserted between horizontal fins. This also creates Angles Bay Window space which is surprisingly functional and very unique from inside residential units.

Complex combinations of Horizontal shading fins, and Angled Bay Windows inserted in between creating a fine contrast to the overall architectural composition. This also reflects complexity in spirits of the residential high-rise.

 “Above all, these elements make this building an Energy Efficient Architecture. As windows and terraces are protected from glare, excessive Sunlight and rain, it also helps to reduce the energy for air conditioning. Large windows can remain open without blinds or curtain, allowing Sunlight to fuse into space during the day, reducing the energy for internal lighting.”


Bangkok, Thailand

The charm of living in a high rise condominium is the opportunity to enjoy the cityscape from the top level, lifting oneself above the bustling city. We has design the building to reach its height limits giving the best views to as many rooms as possible.

The floor plan and mass of the building are laid into Couple Block design making the overall image of the building more competent. First is the light colour element chosen for the frontal area of the building, this gave a sense of delicacy in contrast to the formal durable back building. The slightly adjacent position of both building portrait the feeling of a Dancing Partner in an evening dress and suit, gracefully dancing on the red carpet. The colour used on the building refers back to the previous artwork as a source of the original inspiration. Another benefit of the couple block layout is it has minimized the walking distance from room to the main elevator.

All of the room has a corner window that situate beside each other in order to widen the view and impression of freedom from the building itself. 

Simplex Unit is designed to have an extra high ceiling, while the duplex unit will have a second-floor space joining the common area ceiling into a specially high ceiling. 

Garden Pavillion

The Garden connecting to Co Kitchen area which provides dining space.Feature Pavillion that connect to the gym, featuring Yoga platform, Lap pool.

Fifty-meter Swimming pool

The extra length of the pool creates an endless possibility of opening for interpretation, which can apply numerous function for different periods

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