OPENBOX \ Tropical High-Rise

Tropical High-Rise ___________________________________ Comfort plays an important role in many aspects of design, especially when it comes to designing a residential building. The geographic location of Thailand is a little over the equator which means that the sun, wind and rain are not possible to avoid. Throughout the year the direction of sunlight is various... Continue Reading →

OPNBX High-Rise Condominium

Vertical living In the past, people choose to live in a single house since they felt that having a garden and land mean better quality of life. However vertical living is becoming more popular in recent years as it better suits the lifestyle now a day. The new city lifestyles begin with good locations, connections... Continue Reading →

Meet Openbox Phuket

Phuket is one of the City we adore, It is not only because Phuket is one of the most beautiful islands in the World, not only because of the soft, delicate sand, white beaches, blue lagoons, and the most colorful sunset on Andaman horizon, that we visit several times in a year. It is because... Continue Reading →

OPNBX featured on Life and Home Magazine

Issue 287: November 2018 Column : In-Tect Spotlight What is your definition of an architect? " An architect is a person who portraits the way of life revealing self-identity through drawing and room or home decorations. I drafted a floor plan before I learned about this profession. I just recently discovered in the past 5 years... Continue Reading →

Openbox 2019 mid year outing!

It had been a hard working half-year we had, so we celebrate our hard work with a relax beach, blue sea and beautiful resort. See you in our next outing!! Follow our completed work!

OPNBX : Aging Gracefully

SENIOR LIVING TREND Global 's trend nowadays with elder generation. How it connect between them? Global Aging Society "In Asia the medical-tourism market doubled between 2011 and 2015, a trend likely to continue thanks to rising regional income growth, improved healthcare quality and cheaper air travel" Source : The Monocle Forecast Issue 5/2017 UBS x... Continue Reading →

Our First..

Dear friends and family, As OPENBOX Architects has recently celebrated our 15th birthday, Prang and I are grateful for your kindness and supports after all these years. We are pleased to release  our first Blogg to communicate more closely, and to share our creative ideas, exclusive knowledges and some of crazy ideas that we can’t tell anyone to our good friends and affiliates. ... Continue Reading →

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